Change of Seasons

Focussed on working with individual men and organizations that are committed to ending the use of violence by men in their relationships – with their female partners, towards other men and against children.

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Change of Seasons

At Angerskills we can help clients start down the road to this change without feeling like their anger is something that must be “managed” for the rest of their lives.

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Links & Resources a site that provides all kinds of information and resources on preventing hazing rituals -


Centre for Sport and Law: A respected Canadian resources of sport policy and governance issues -



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Consultation to athletic departments, teams, clubs, schools, colleges and universities, fraternities and sororities and other groups about specific hazing incidents.


Work with organizations to develop policies and procedures that prevent hazing from taking place or respond effectively to reported incidents of hazing.


Facilitation of “Community development” workshops and circles that bring together adult leaders, coaches, administrators, students, athletes, parents/billet parents and other community members (police, campus police).


Assistance to organizations, teams and educational institutions in creating welcoming or team building rituals that are safe and respectful to all.




Hazing: What’s the big deal?

Stories shared from the Globe and Mail newspaper September 20th and October 25th 2006 on-line editions and the websites:, and

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